Law, Policy and Campaigning

Through our legal advocacy strategy we campaign to inform and influence debate and policy from the local to the international level with the aim of protecting the human rights of the most…

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Support for Migrants

Dear Friends, As many of you are aware until further funding is secured Migrant Centre NI is unable to continue to provide generalist advice services, therefore Migrant Centre NI will no longer be…

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Support for Victims

What We Do Practical Support for Service Users: Offers ongoing support free of charge to victims and their families Provides a unique understanding based on 6 years of specialised service provision Operates…

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Anti-Racism Training

NICEM’s Equality and Diversity Training has been established to tackle the growth of racist based attitudes and opinions, as well as to address issues of racism and prejudice in Northern Ireland. The…

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Capacity Building

NICEM can help to build the infrastructure of organisations and support the growth of the social economy within the Black and Minority Ethnic Sector. Our aims are: Identify the levels of organisational…

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Regional Offices

Main Office – Belfast

127-129 Ormeau Road, 1/F
Belfast, BT7 1SH

028 9023 8645


Mid-Ulster and Down

NICEM Mid-Ulster and Down Office

Ozanam Centre, William Street,

Lurgan, BT66 6JA

For information on regional office programmes, please contact:

Max Petrushkin

07730 747 860





North West

NICEM North West Office

The Old Church, Clarendon Street
L/Derry BT48 7ES

Office:  028 7137 2235

Contact: Kat Healy

or Aggie Luczak
078 272 97 119